About Us

We started Drone/Photography Experts together as a passion project in September 2014. With little knowledge of UAV’s, we began with a DJI Phantom 2 Vison+, a creative eye, and the drive to capture life’s amazing moments.

During the FAA ban on commercial UAV’s, we grounded our drone operations and took our love for creative content to land. After a few projects, we realized that our viewers were not simply interested in using simple drone videos, but a full attention-grabbing film, made to pique interest in viewers and help project you and your business effectively.

From there, we expanded to include real estate, marketing events, vacations, racing, advertising, aerial imaging, and more! We’ve been all over the United States and the rest of the world recording video and taking amazing photos.

Some places we have been outside of the United States include Curacao, Colombia, Mexico, Jamaica, and the Cayman Islands. For 2016-2017, we’re taking our creative media to a whole other level; we’ll be traveling to Hong Kong, Indonesia, Italy, Great Britain, and Egypt, and that’s just in the month of September!

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Meet our crew!

We work with you like family so we want you to get to know ours!
    Seemab Mirza
    Seemab Mirza
    Photography / Marketing / Media Creation & Editing
    Alan Graves, Jr.
    Alan Graves, Jr.
    Certified UAV Pilot / Business Operations & Development
What do we do?
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Why choose us?

Ideas and concepts

You tell us what your goal is for the content and we will come up with a marketing-oriented screenplay for it.

You're the star

Our creative eye will give you the Hollywood treatment and make you look like a rockstar!

Complete Services

All of our packages include a 2-5 minute video, photos, and a 360 video. When we do a project, we do it RIGHT!

Marketer approved

Our creative media has consistently increased conversion rates and reputation of our clients.